After an accident. Who has to pay for the repairs?

Paying for repairing the damage is the responsibility of whoever was found to be at fault for the accident. If a driver has been found to be at fault then their collision or comprehensive insurance policy will cover the cost of the repairs excluding the deductible amount agreed in the insurance policy. If the accident is determined to be the fault of someone else then their insurance company has the responsibility to pay in full for all the repairs.

What makes a good collision repair shop?

The collision repair shop that is chosen will be working with the vehicle owner to restore the vehicle back to good-as-new condition. The owner must have full confidence in the skills of the workshop technicians and the integrity of the shop management. All work undertaken by the collision shop should be covered by a written warranty. They should also have a good understanding of how insurance companies work and what their policies cover.

Is the repair work on the vehicle guaranteed by the insurance company or the collision shop?

The collision shop is responsible for all the work that they carry out on the vehicle. They should offer a written warranty for this work to all vehicle owners.

Who chooses which collision shop to use? The vehicle owner or the insurance company?

The vehicle owner can choose which collision shop to use for the repairs.

How many estimates does a vehicle owner need to obtain and submit to their insurance company?

There is no legal fixed amount of estimates required. It is important to only collect estimates from shops that can restore the vehicle to good-as-new condition.

How much does it cost to get an estimate?

Croun Plaza provide free estimates of the cost of repair. Their professionally trained staff are able to supply a detailed estimate for all repairs that are required.

Why is there such a variation in repair estimates between collision shops?

Not all estimates include the same steps in the repair process. It is important to select only repair shops that are able to properly restore the vehicle. Automix are happy to take customers through estimates provided by other repair shops step by step.

Why is Croun Plaza the best choice for vehicle servicing?

Croun Plaza have only experienced, highly trained technicians who deliver quality workmanship on time, and within their estimate.

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