About Us

Used/New Cars Dealership - Collision center.

Croun Plaza offer late model rebuildable vehicles at an affordable prices. Have you always wanted a top-of-the-line car but couldn't afford the most recent models? This is your chance.

Got involved in the car accident? Stop by for a free Estimate - We race it off in no time for any repairs!


Croun Plaza company buys for the customer cars, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles in the United States and delivers them to private individuals and car dealers anywhere in the world. Our company provides the full range of services on purchase of transport in the U.S., ranging from free online advice on the choice of cars and ending with the delivery of the vehicle to its destination.


Mechanical Repairs / Towing

Body Work / Restoration / Insurance Accepted

Auto Sales / Auction / Export / Dealer Services

Auto Parts / Vehicle Storage

Glass Replace

Auto Rental

ARI Provider